Agenda April 2023


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Eastfield Town Council 


Welcome and Introduction
Chairman to welcome and introduce meeting. 

Public Session 
Members of the Public are invited to raise concerns with the council about matters which the Town Council have the duty or powers to undertake or assist. 
(A maximum of 3 minutes per person will be allowed)

1.    Local Policing Report
Written report from Local Police officers, and opportunity for members to raise any matters.


2.    Apologies and Acceptance
Council to receive apologies from Non attendees and minute whether apologies are accepted. 

3.    Declarations of interest
It is Councillors responsibility to declare if they have an interest in any items raised on the agenda or raised during the course of the meeting.  

4.    Confirmation of Minutes
To consider and Approve Minutes of the Following Council Meetings
•    Full Council Meeting held on March 27th, 2023

5.      Clerk updates from the previous minutes
An opportunity to update any matters that were raised at the last meeting.

6.    Financial Matters

Councillors to consider and agree the Monthly Finances 
a)    Monthly BACS Payment Schedule for April 2023
b)    End of Year Bank Reconciliation 

7.    Councillors Matters for Decision

•    To consider and approve date for Annual Town Assembly
•    To consider and approve Library Support Contract
•    To consider proposal for the logistics of new Council Premises

8.    Correspondence


Annual Town Meeting     Monday 22nd May 2023

Town Clerk
Chris Parsons
19th April 2023

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