Eastfield Town Council Extraordinary Meeting Agenda


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A. Welcome and Introduction

B Public Forum

Members of the Public are invited to raise concerns with the Council about matters which the Town Council have a duty or powers to undertake or assist

A maximum of 3mins per person for up to 15mins

Council Business

1. To receive and accept apologies


2. Declarations of members interests in local and pecuniary interest


3. To receive and approve the following planning applications

a). Application No. ZF23/00797/RGL Change of use for Community Cafe

b )    Application No 23/00366/FL Retrospective consent for erection of veranda

c).Application No ZF23/01134/COND Discharge of condition in relation to application 21/01592/RM

d )Application No 22/00664/AA Installation of 2 illuminated lights

4. Date of next meeting Monday 31st July 2023





Created: 20/07/2023 / Last Modified: 23/01/2024 by Town Clerk