Full Council Agenda July 2023


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To be held on Monday 31st July  2023

At The Legacy Studio, Ashmead Square, Eastfield YO11 3XJ


Public Session

Members of the public are invited to raise any concerns with the council about matters which the Town Council have duty or powers to undertake or assist

( A maximum of 3 minutes per person is allowed)

A. Local Policing Report

B. North Yorkshire Council Report - Cllr T Randerson


1. Apologies for Absence

2. Declaration of Interests

( It is Councillors responsibility to declare if they have an interest in any item raised on the agenda or during the course of the meeting)

3. Confirmation of Minutes

To consider and approve minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on Monday 26th June 2023

To consider and approve minutes of Extraordinary Meeting held on Wednesday 26th July 2023


4. Financial Matters

a) Monthly BACS Schedule of Payments

b) First Quarter Bank Reconciliation (deferred from previous meeting)

c) To consider request from Cllr Randerson for financial support for the Big Eastfield Clean to the sum of £500

d) To receive presentation from Mr S. Crosby AFC Eastfield and consider grant request for funding


5. Update on Summer Event 


6 Update on the High Street Project


7. To discuss a letter of support for the Eastfield Skate park project


8. Date of Next Meeting  Monday 25th September 2023

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