Agenda for November 2023


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Town Council Meeting

Monday 27th November 2023

Chairman to welcome and introduce meeting from 7pm

Members of the public are invited to make comments to the Council on matters which the Town Council have a duty or power to undertake or assist.          Max 15mins

Reports from Police and North Yorkshire Councillor

Written report from Local Police and an opportunity for members to raise any matters.                   Max 10min

North Yorkshire Council – Cllr T. Randerson’s report    max 10min


0111/23   Item 1 Apologies and Acceptance

To receive apologies from non-attendees and minute whether apologies are accepted.


0211/23 Item 2 Declarations of Disclosable Pecuniary and Other Interests

It is Councillors responsibility to declare if they have an interest in any items raised on the agenda or raised during the meeting.

0311/23 Item 3 Confirmation of Minutes

To consider and approve minutes of the following meeting.

  • Full Council Meeting held on Monday 30th October 2023


            0411/23 Clerk Updates from previous minutes

An opportunity to update the Council on any matters that were raised at previous meetings.

10 mins



0511/23 Item 5 Financial Matters max 15 mins

            Councillors to consider and agree the Monthly Finances.

  1. BACS Payment Schedule for November 2023
  2. Draft Budget and Forecasted Spend for 23/24
  3. To approve proposal for Budget Setting Workshop for 24/25 Precept

0611/23 Item 6   5mins

PACT Update

0711/23   10mins

To approve Office rental and associated costs

0811/23 - 5mins

a) Update on Town Park project - Cllr Smith and Cllr Bullock

b)  To consider and approve Councillor representatives on the Town Park Steering Group

10 mins

0911/23 Item 8 Date of Next Meeting

            Monday 29th January 2024

Chris Parsons

Town Clerk

Monday 21st November 2023


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